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Smithlawn knows how difficult your situation can be. Everyone is very emotional and worried about what needs to be done. Friends and family are offering you advice and opinions. We know that you need some peace and time to think things through. That's what Smithlawn offers - a calm environment in which you can catch your breath and consider your options.

The Smithlawn Maternity Home of Lubbock, Texas has been helping expectant mothers with crisis/unplanned pregnancies since 1960. Since the beginning Smithlawn has helped more than 2,400 clients make the best decision possible for their babies, themselves, and their future.

As you can see from the pictures below, Smithlawn provides a cottage-style home that is beautifully furnished for its residents. The houseparents and staff are very supportive of the residents as they provide the proper care needed for a safe, healthy pregnancy. Our director of maternity services, Frances Phillips, assists you in making the best decision for your situation.

You may have several questions about Smithlawn's services and what life would be like if you were to be a part of the maternity program. We want to answer those questions.
"Can Smithlawn provide me the refuge I need during my pregnancy?"
Yes. Smithlawn offers as much confidentiality, privacy, and protection as the resident requests.
"Can Smithlawn provide professional advice and guidance to help me make decisions concerning my future and my baby's future?"
Smithlawn is staffed with spiritual Christian counselors and qualified social workers. They can assist you in making a responsible decision for you and your baby's future. We realize these decisions affect many lives for a lifetime.
"How would you describe life at Smithlawn?"
Smithlawn provides a cottage-style residence in which young women live in tastefully decorated bedrooms and participate in household responsibilities. They experience the warmth of a home under the caring supervision of a housemother and form supportive relationships with the staff members and other residents.
"What if I change my mind and decide to keep my baby after selecting the Smithlawn medical care program?"
The expectant mother is not required to make a final decision on the baby's future before delivery. Experienced counselors are available to assist in this process. No pressure is exerted on the young woman to make a decision with which she is not comfortable. Any financial considerations will be resolved on an individual basis.
"How will I spend my time at Smithlawn?"
Visits from family and designated friends are encouraged. A variety of recreational opportunities exist, such as movies, plays, concerts, shopping, sports, and other seasonal entertainment activities. Each client can continue her education through the Lubbock Independent School District, one of the local universities or colleges, or through correspondence.
"I want to live at home during my pregnancy. Can I still use the Smithlawn services for delivery and adoption?"
Yes! Smithlawn has a complete out-patient program consisting of counseling, adoption, and medical care. Other services are available as needed for those who choose to stay in their own homes.
"What services are offered by Smithlawn to its maternity clients?"
All medical care is provided by local physicians and complete confidentiality is assured to birthparents. Prenatal, postpartum instruction, and childbirth classes are offered on a regular basis. Appropriate exercise is encouraged and available for the expectant mothers. Instructions for proper nutrition during pregnancy is provided.
"I don't want an abortion, but I can't keep and take care of my baby. Do I have any other choices?"
Another choice available to Smithlawn's clients is adoption. Choosing adoption means making a decision based on logical thinking instead of just emotions. It means placing your baby's welfare above your feelings. This is love. Your child will be placed in a secure, loving home while you are able to pursue a future beneficial to you.
"If I choose adoption, how can I know my baby will get a good home?"
The Smithlawn Adoption Agency, licensed by the state of Texas, provides a total range of services for the birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted persons. Prospective adoptive parents are carefully selected, screened, and selected. Smithlawn encourages the input of both birth parents during this process.
"What do some past clients say about their time at Smithlawn?"
One mother writes: " I have a happy life today and I feel it is due a great deal to the time I spent at Smithlawn. There were so many important decisions to make that would affect the rest of my life. It is was the love and concern that I received from Smithlawn that helped me to make the right decisions."

Another mother, who placed her child for adoption, states, "I know that placing my baby for adoption was the best decision I could make for the baby and myself. I know that I couldn't financially support a child and that I was not emotionally prepared to take care of him."
"How can I get help?"
Please contact us if you have questions or need our maternity services. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day and the number is (806)745-2574. We will accept your collect call. You can also e-mail us at

We are dedicated to helping expectant mothers and those in their support system through a very difficult time in their lives. We accept expectant mothers of any race, creed, and circumstance. Quality care, based on our concern for what is best for all involved, is the foundation of all we do.