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The Smithlawn Maternity Home of Lubbock, Texas began in 1960 by a group of concerned Christians who recognized the need for a very specific ministry. Their goal was to provide a refuge or safe haven for young women with an unplanned pregnancy. Funds were raised that allowed Smithlawn to build the first cottage style maternity home facility in the nation. Smithlawn has a 20-acre campus for 16 residents; ages 18 and older.

Through the homelike atmosphere offered in the cottages, Smithlawn provides a calm, neutral environment for the residents to consider all options available in dealing with a crisis pregnancy. Live-in houseparents provide daily care and support during their stay. Christian counselors and social workers assist the expectant mothers as they make a responsible decision that will affect the rest of their life and the life of the baby.

Local physicians provide necessary medical care for the residents. Smithlawn also works with clients who choose to live at home or off-campus providing counseling and medical attention. Clients of any race, religion, and circumstance are accepted. Smithlawn maintains a careful practice of confidentiality in all cases. The program has served more than 30,000 expectant mothers in it’s history.

Expectant mothers have come to Smithlawn from every state of the nation except Hawaii. It has also had residents from eight foreign countries. 2,400 clients have enrolled in it’s maternity services program. The young ladies learn about Smithlawn by referrals from professional services, counselors, ministers, and other concerned individuals.

In 1968, Smithlawn obtained its child placing license from the state of Texas. Smithlawn can facilitate an adoption plan for a baby whose birthmother makes that choice. The agency has placed more than 1,900 babies for adoption.

Smithlawn's staff is exceptionally qualified and dedicated to the needs of the birthparents, babies, and adoptive families. TONY PARNELL began work with Smithlawn in 1994 as its Director of Adoption Services. He is Smithlawn's third Director. FRANCES PHILLIPS is the Director of Maternity Services. She has worked in this capacity since 1978 and has been associated with the home since its beginning. The maternity staff is available 24-hours a day.

Smithlawn recognizes the need to be more than "just another" maternity home and adoption agency. Instead, Smithlawn is known in these fields as a national leader and pioneer. Its intent is to continue to serve as trailblazers in these critical areas of human services. In 1988, Smithlawn was recognized for its work as it received the President's Volunteer Action Award Citation, signed by President Ronald Reagan.