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When Smithlawn began its maternity program in 1960, its only focus was the care of crisis pregnancy clients. Our purpose then, as it is today, was to provide the best possible physical, emotional, and spiritual care possible for these expectant mothers. A natural result of this purpose was the need to provide the highest quality Christian adoption services possible.

For the first eight years of our history, all infant adoptions were coordinated through other agencies.  In 1968, Smithlawn received its adoption license from the state of Texas and continues to provide adoption services to families all over the United States.

We approach the adoption field the same way we approach the maternity field. We will work in this area with the intention of providing the best adoption service that can be obtained anywhere. Just as in the maternity field, we are nationally recognized for our work in the adoption world. We have facilitated more than 1,400 infant adoptions and continue to work diligently to protect the adoption triad: the adoptive family, the birthparents, and the adoptee.

All information in our adoption services is kept confidential. This applies to the adoptive family, the adoptee, and the birthparents. We do involve the birthparents in the adoptive process and encourage their input. This commitment to confidentiality is a foundational principle upon which Smithlawn's adoption and maternity services are built.

Smithlawn diligently pursues the medical histories of the birthparents and provides as much information as possible to the adoptive parents concerning medical matters that might affect their adopted child. Should ongoing medical information become known, either on the part of the adoptee or the birthparent(s), we will make every effort to pass along that information to the other affected parties.

Smithlawn realizes that the adoption process can be extremely stressful for potential adoptive couples. It is a complex maze of regulations, forms, and legal requirements. Our staff walks you through each step of the process. Tony Parnell is our Director of Adoption Services. He has been with the agency since 1994 and has years of experience in the field. Jo Ann Phillips is the Assistant Director of Adoption Services and handles most of the day-to-day activities surrounding an adoption application. She is also the one to contact if you are interested in adopting a child from us and will explain our procedures, policies, and answer your initial questions. She can be reached Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Smithlawn never forgets that this work is about people, lives, and the future. As long as we continue to serve you in this work, our goal will be to provide the best possible future for the adoptee and the an adoptive family. We appreciate your confidence in selecting us as a possible partner in your adoption plans.